A Ten Minute Conversation With Carl

Yesterday, I stepped out of Brad’s ICU room to update family in the visitors sitting area. While I was sitting in there, a man walked in and sat down. He then said to me, “Excuse me, this is embarrassing, but can you help me put this back on?” He was holding onto a necklace, and wasn’t able to undo the latch to put it back on. I took the necklace and noticed it was a cross. I told him I’m a fellow believer and love that he wears a cross. Then I noticed it said Phillipians 4:13. I asked him what that verse was. He replied, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Both of us started welling up with tears. Just what I needed to hear.

I could see a large scar running down the side of his head. We started sharing our stories. Carl had a benign tumor the size of a peach removed from the side of his head 11 years ago. He was 33 when they found it. The reason why he was there was for his annual MRI to make sure he was still clear. He was. He shared his struggles with seizures from time to time, but overall is doing really well. I shared about Brad and what we have been going through. We talked about our kids, and the journey we have been on. After a few minutes a staff member came to reset Carl’s shunt from after his MRI. Before he left, he stood up, took my hands and prayed for Brad and our family. He told me he would keep praying, and I know he will.

What perfect timing for me to walk to the visitor’s area. I honestly don’t really go there, but thought it would be a better place to update family. God had our paths cross for a reason. We both encouraged each other in our own ways. Who would have thought that a ten minute conversation with a complete stranger would end with us praying together and a big hug.

Today we are overall seeing positive progress! 

Dr. R is THRILLED with Brad’s follow up MRI. He believes he got 95% of Brad’s tumor! He is very happy with how things are looking inside Brad’s head. This is wonderful news! All glory goes to God for such a blessing! Thank you prayer warriors for storming heaven and lifting us up in prayer.

Brad hasn’t had a seizure since around 9pm Sunday. This is encouraging news too! We are hoping within the next fews days we can start the process of weaning him off some of the medications he is on. This will go slow, and they will continue how they see fit depending on how Brad reacts. 

He is definitely more alert. He is able to shake his head “yes” or “no” when asked questions. He has expressed that he is in pain, and at times is agitated. He definitely wants his ventilator out. He’s made that pretty clear. So we ask for prayers of pain relief, peace, and patience as he has to keep it in a little longer. I can tell he’s getting frustrated because he’s trying to communicate, but it’s difficult for obvious reasons. He knows who I am and has been doing great at squeezing hands, giving thumbs up, pushing and pulling. In fact he almost pulled the nurse over. I think he’s trying to prove something. This husband of mine keeps amazing me!

So we continue on. One day at a time.

Ways that you can pray:

+Thank you for a very successful surgery

+Thank you for signs of positive progress

+Thank you for an amazing, supportive community

+That Brad has relief from pain and remains seizure free

+That we can safely start weaning Brad. That he does well and can have patience through this process

+Protection over the girls, being separated has been a little difficult for them

+That my mother-in-law and I have the endurance to keep our 24 hour shifts going so that Brad is never alone.

Thank you so much for all of the encouraging emails, texts, voicemails, and cards. They have encouraged me so much and I can’t wait to share more of them with Brad as he becomes more alert. (Please don’t take it personally if I haven’t responded back. I really appreciate the reaching out, I just don’t have it in me to respond to everyone.) Our community has been such a blessing, we don’t know what we would do without you!

Thank you for tying up your tennis shoes and continuing to walk around those walls with us!

Being strong and courageous, and patient

I leave you with one of Brad’s favorite songs. He would start every morning playing this song while he made himself breakfast. I played it for him earlier today and tears streamed down his face while he was nodding his head yes. I think he was nodding his head in agreement to the lyrics.

6 thoughts on “A Ten Minute Conversation With Carl

  1. Wow! What an amazing story, Lindsey. Brought me to tears. So very happy and thankful for all the good news about Brad. You are all in our hearts and prayers.


  2. Praying for Brad and you, Lindsay. What a journey you are on. Praise God that Brad has such a strong, Christian wife/warrior. Praying you stay strong but also take care if yourself also.


  3. I praise God for all that He is doing in you and through you both. That although Brad has a long way to go, your faith is seem by man to go see how a cross could give you comfort and others comfort too. May each day you receive the filling of the Holy Spirit. I thank God for providing the right surgeon for Brad.


  4. I am just learning of your story through Vintage Meadows. I have prayed for continued healing, happiness, health, love, and light for you as individuals, a couple, and a family!


  5. Praising God with you. Prayers for continued strength, endurance and health for your family; Peace, comfort and protection for the girls; Patience, pain relief and continued healing for Brad; Wisdom for the Doctors and Nursing staff.
    Thank you for sharing such a special song, God’s Love for us is Great and Unfathomable.


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