Want to Wear Defeating Jericho Swag?

Hello everyone,

We’ve been meaning to do a quick post about our T-shirt fundraiser….and well, to be honest, life has been busy and it has been a little too easy to push the computer work off to the side. (Have we mentioned we aren’t huge tech people, and being on the computer isn’t our most favorite thing??!) I think we need to work on some time management skills if we are going to do this blog thing right!

Anyways, a T-shirt fundraiser was started for us a few weeks ago, and there are still a few days left to purchase a “Defeating Jericho” T-shirt. The proceeds will help support our family with everyday needs and some medical bills that we know are coming.

We would love to see you sporting a Defeating Jericho T-shirt, and hope when you wear it, it can be a reminder to continue to pray for us. We also hope that you will feel empowered and encouraged to be strong and courageous in whatever battle you may be facing as well.

The logo was created and designed by Brad, and we think they turned out pretty awesome!
There are a few different t-shirt designs, and come in a wide range of sizes.

We are so grateful for our army that is marching along side us. This burden has been lighter because of you, and saying “thank you” just never seems to be enough.

If you’d like to order, click here:

Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you in an awesome T-shirt soon!
Be strong and courageous,
Brad & Lindsey

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