We Are On A Rollercoaster…

What a rollercoaster ride we have been on these last few days. So much has happened, but I will update with the condensed version, so here we go…

Brad was scheduled for his second brain surgery Friday 6/25. However, Thursday he was having intense head pain that led me to call an ambulance. He also became very confused, and was not in control of his limbs and body. He was brought to the ER, and eventually got transferred to Loyola, which is where we wanted him to be.

Over the night he was monitored for more seizures, and was seizure free so he was cleared to continue on with his planned surgery, it was just pushed back a few hours.

As surgery was starting, Brad had another seizure on the table. His neurosurgeon had to make the call to either stop surgery or continue on. He decided to proceed and from then on surgery went extremely well. They are very pleased with how much of the tumor they were able to remove. In fact, it was better than expected! We thank God for answered prayers. Dr. R told me yesterday he’s so glad he decided to continue, because if he didn’t, Brad would be in the same spot he’s in now, but with the tumor. We’re thankful too!

After surgery he continued to have a few seizures, which is a bit boggling because he was under sedation and having anti-seizure meds.

So here’s the plan…
They plan on keeping Brad sedated to give his brain a rest. This could be anywhere from days to possibly weeks. When they feel ready, they will VERY slowly lessen the sedation. We will go day by day and see how Brad reacts. Dr. R told me yesterday this is a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve been pondering over his words because the past few weeks I’ve been praying to God and literally telling him, “Lord, I feel like I’m a sprinter trying to run a marathon.” Looks like we will be training to become marathon runners.

The past few days have been rough. I didn’t leave the hospital from Thursday until Saturday early evening. I had a lovely night of sleeping in a chair with my head resting on a table. (This was actually a gift because they where insisting I go home until I completely lost it saying good-bye to Brad.) Brad is now in the the Neuro ICU and they have been so accommodating with letting someone stay. We are SO THANKFUL for this.

Brad’s mom came to relieve me and stayed the night with him last night. I went to my parents and spent a little time with the girls, and was able to put them to bed. They are overall doing well, but I know it is rough to have the family separated.

After that, I went home to an empty house which was weird. I didn’t like it, but also knew I just needed to let my body sleep. And boy did I sleep. Thirteen straight hours. It’s amazing what solid sleep, a shower, and some real food can do. I’m feeling pretty good. Thanking God for the endurance I know is coming from Him.

When I came back to see Brad today (Sunday afternoon) they had lowered his sedation slightly. He was able to open his eyes and I know he was hearing and seeing me. Oh this brought me so much joy because I wasn’t expecting this. As soon as he saw me, tears started rolling down his cheeks. I kept talking to him and I know he was trying to talk back. In fact he kicked his bite guard out of his mouth. Oh, Brad…he is such a fighter and I am so proud of him.

They are going to up his sedation again slightly so he can rest. They are very encouraged seeing him being more alert today, but it also takes a lot of effort. Right now, he just needs to rest. As much as I love being able to talk to him, I can tell it is taking a lot of energy. We are planning on tonight being a quiet night, and just letting his body rest.

Thank you all for being our prayer warriors, here are some specific ways you can pray.

+Thank you for a successful surgery
+Thank you that visitors have been able to stay
+That Brad remains seizure free and continues to improve
+That God provides the strength and endurance we all need
+For protection over the girls
+For all the medical staff taking care of Brad

I know people keep asking for other tangible ways to help. There is something I would love to do for Brad.
We know that Brad can hear us. My devotion yesterday talked about the power of positive words, and how positive words increase serotonin in the brain. I do not think this was a coincidence. I would LOVE if you could communicate positive and encouraging words to him.

Please, send us a card or email us at contact@defeatingjericho.com. I will read your words to him.

If you have Brad’s phone number, call him and leave him an encouraging voicemail. I will play them for him. I think it would be great for him to hear other people’s voices. I also think it’ll be great for him to be able to listen to them all over again down the road. If I see phone calls coming through on his phone, I’ll just let it go to voicemail.

Share whatever you feel led to share! I’m looking forward to doing this for Brad, I know he’s listening and know this can be very impactful for him.

Please continue to pray for us. We believe in a God who can do anything. We are putting our trust in Him, God’s been sending me little reminders already.

Being strong and courageous and tying up my running shoes,

4 thoughts on “We Are On A Rollercoaster…

  1. Lindsey, thanks for sharing the details of how Brad is doing, & also yourself. We all want to focus on & pray for the one who had the surgery, but sometimes tend to forget the one who’s by their bedside doing their best to support,care for,worry about,encourage,& pray for their loved one… while also being separated from the children. Just know that while keeping Brad in our prayers, we won’t forget how much YOU need them too. 🤗💞


  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to update those of us who are praying. Even though the Lord knows who we are praying for and only He knows your needs, it’s encouraging to see the little miracles along the way. Pray for Brad, but also for you, the caregiver, the wife, the daughter and daughter in law, the mom, and the one who “ updates.” Rest. Savor the moments of sharing the quietness in the room with Brad. Praying.


  3. Lindsey, Thank you for sharing your heart, mind, and soul with us to read. We know that God will never leave us and is always with us no matter where we are. In Christ alone we put our trust. and receive the strength from the Holy Spirit. May each day you and Brad feel the presence of prayers being send to Brad, you and your girls and your families. When one suffers, the whole body of believers share some of your pain. May each day you see some improvement. Sometimes in the silence we hear God’s still small voice. Marilynn J.


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