FUNdraiser @ Locavore Farm

Hi everyone!

Some of you may have seen that a wonderful fundraiser is being put on for us by our family and friends.

Since this has been our central hub for information, we felt it was fitting to share the details here as well.

First…WHY Locavore Farm? 

This place has a special place in our hearts. We first came to Locavore’s “Heal the Planet Festival” where we had the privilege of hearing experts speak on regenerative farming, reversing disease through food and lifestyle, and met a man named Jordan Rubin. We didn’t know at the time how famous he was, but Jordan Rubin is still an influential person in our life through his books and videos. (By the way, he was healed of cancer by his faith and natural treatments, YouTube his testimony!)

Looking back, this event was one of those important pieces to our puzzle. It grew our desire to learn more about healthy lifestyle choices. It was a seed planted that helped us shape the path we have taken and the decisions we have made through Brad’s cancer journey.

We’ve gone back to Locavore over the years to enjoy their “Thursday Hangs” with the kids, as well as their amazing {fancier} Dine On the Land dinners. (Highly recommend BOTH! Check ‘em out here:

Let me just tell you, these people know hospitality. They open up their land to have people gather, slow down, and enjoy each other’s company. They encourage you to spend time with others over good fellowship and great food. We always have a great time “slowing down” on the farm.

Oh and their food? All grown organically or pasture raised by them (or partnering local farms). They have the unique ability to take clean, healthy food and make it taste AH-MAZING. Like for real, SO SO good. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. It’s what they do, and they do it well!

Second…TWO events?
Yes. There are two unique events happening on the same day. One during the day, and one in the evening. Pick the one that appeals to you! (Or if you can’t decide, you can purchase tickets to both!) 

The Barn Market 11-2pm:

If you like shopping fall markets, this event is for you! There will be a beautiful market set up in the barn where you can peruse through everything Autumn.
From hand made crafts, to baked goods, beautiful wood pieces, inspirational t-shirts, mums, indoor and outdoor fall decor and everything in-between!

This event is very family friendly with a Kid’s Tent filled with fun. Crafts, face painting, and yard games will be available to keep your young kids having a good time. They may also see a cat or two (or three or four) running around and goats to pet.

For the older folks, a bean bag tournament will be running, as well as the grill and bar.
If fishing is your thing, bring your pole to fish the pond, bait will be waiting for you!

The Bonfire Night-Out 5-9pm:

Live music. Dinner and drinks. Cozy bonfire. S’mores. Need I say more? Isn’t this why we love Fall?

This event has more of a date-night feel (but kids of course are welcome!) The yard games will still be out and a second bean bag tournament ready to go. Come grab some good food and drink, sit by the fire, cook up a s’more and enjoy great fellowship and music.

Third…we just need to say THANK YOU.
It’s not enough. But it’s what we have to offer.

Thank you to Locavore Farm for so willingly (and excitedly) giving their land for this event. I know how crazy busy you are, we appreciate the kindness you’ve extended our way. Your willing hearts to do the Lord’s work is truly inspiring. Our experiences with you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Thank you to all our family and friends who have put so much work into this event. The amazing ideas, the creative crafts, all the great things being donated, all for us…is just so humbling. Sometimes we stand in awe wondering why so many people are willing to do such nice things for us. You all are truly an example of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

We love you all, and can’t wait to have an amazing time of fellowship with you. Hope to see you there!

Brad and Lindsey

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