Checkin’ Out Early

Well, God never ceases to amaze us!
Brad was discharged yesterday (Thursday)! Two days earlier than expected. I think it’s safe to say Brad is getting pretty good at getting kicked out of medical facilities early. What a blessing this news was, the kids were so happy to have Dad already home when they got home from school.

Sometimes we feel we are on a complete rollercoaster ride filled with highs and lows of emotions. I love it when God shows off a bit and surprises us with good news like this.

We praise the Lord, and are excited to share that Brad was successfully lowered on medication and had no abnormal findings while being monitored. The doctor felt he was good to go home!

So we continue to pray that Brad does well on this lower dose of medication. We hope over time he can wean even lower and possibly off completely. We know his body needs a little time to adjust, but he does feel like his energy has increased (we were hoping for this!)

Tuesday we had a fun “girl’s day” to celebrate Grace’s birthday. Since Dad couldn’t join us we decided to do all things girly and get our nails painted, a little shopping, and a birthday treat. We also watched a movie we knew Dad wouldn’t be interested in 😊.

We are so thankful that this experience went better than expected. Another thing we can check off the list. While that list still seems incredibly long, and we sit in a lot of unknowns, we are thankful for progress and steps forward.

Ways that you can continue to pray for us:

+Thankful for lower meds and no seizures so far
+Thankful for positive surprises
+Thankful for little reminders that God continues to be here with us
+Protection over the girls
+Stress management
+Discernment and clarity for decisions regarding Brad’s next steps
+Good weather for the fundraiser on September 25

Thank you to our wonderful community lifting us up in so many different ways!
Thank you for continuing to “walk around the walls” with us.

We would love to spend time with you at the Defeating Jericho Fundraiser at Locavore Farm on September 25!

Being strong and courageous, and seizure free
Brad and Lindsey

One thought on “Checkin’ Out Early

  1. Always thinking of you and your family! Always praying 🙏 always hoping 🙏always sending you warm hugs🙏❤️❤️❤️


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